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The Leading Provider of Comprehensive Clean Air Solutions

Midwest Air Pro stands as the Midwest’s leading vehicle exhaust extraction and air filtration solutions provider. We provide high quality solutions that capture and remove vehicle exhaust gases. It is our mission to protect people from the harmful effects of industrial processes. We contribute to efficient production, environmental benefits and a safer workplace.

Vehicles in fire stations discharge diesel exhaust particulates into human breathing areas. Exposure to these toxic fumes and particulates is linked to various types of cancer and other deadly diseases. Nederman systems are designed and manufactured to remove contaminants and protect our front line first responders on a daily basis.

Midwest Air Pro is a family owned and operated business founded on the basic principles of honesty and integrity. It has always been our goal to offer our customers and partners exceptional services at the best possible price and we will not settle for less than total customer satisfaction. With over 40 years of clean air service experience we have the knowledge and resources to make your project a success.

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